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Hi and welcome to the Apple Bitch Investment Resources Online Directory and Depository. If you have concerns and/or questions regarding the appropriate investment steps for yourself or your loved ones, we may have some good resources for you! Check back often for articles that will be exploring various aspects of the investment realm.

With that said, we haven’t yet started posting, as is probably obvious from this initial welcome post. But we really did need to get this project underway, and by going public with this post, well, now we are committed! We have to deliver!

As your webmaster, it’s my duty to tell you that we aren’t experts in the field. However, we are pretty darned good at research, and when we find what we feel is solid money information, it’s going to be included here.

So, sit back and relax and bookmark the site because there is more coming your way very soon. Thanks so much for coming to the site.